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Are you currently working on your
"Register of Information" according to DORA?

The CyberRisk Manager including the DORA module is available at a price of €9.980,-* until
31 August 2024. This offer includes the collection of all external DORA data from an unlimited number of suppliers and subsuppliers through the CyberRisk Rating platform.
The DORA module of KSV1870 documents IT supply chains worldwide and thus supports the fulfillment of the "Register of Information".
Project duration until 17 January 2025
Create your "Register of Information" as efficiently as possible.
KSV1870 Nimbusec contacts your IT suppliers worldwide in English and German to collect the necessary data.
*Excl. VAT, limited until 31 August 2024, Suppliers will be contacted on 16 September 2024

Why use the DORA Module?

With DORA, the Regulation (EU) 2022/2554 on digital operational resilience for the financial sector (Digital Operational Resilience Act), the European Union has introduced comprehensive regulation for cybersecurity, ICT risks, and digital operational resilience in the financial sector. This regulation significantly strengthens the European financial market against cyber risks and ICT incidents. As a result, financial companies and their IT suppliers are required to provide additional information about the ICT supply chain. This information is compiled in the "Register of Information." The DORA Module of the CyberRisk Ratings assists in collecting data for this register, which must be requested externally from suppliers and subcontractors.

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Process of the DORA Module
at a Glance

The DORA Module of KSV1870 offers comprehensive documentation of IT supply chains on a global level. This module plays a crucial role in meeting the requirements of the "Register of Information" by providing detailed insights and transparency into IT supply chains worldwide. This way, companies can ensure that they always have up-to-date information about their IT suppliers and partners at hand.
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Based on Austria's largest database for national & international IT security certificates
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Create an unlimited number of users and suppliers
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Unlimited number of supply chains can be created
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Export file editable and identical to the ESMA template
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Provision of data also as Excel, CSV or REST API
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Central collection available to all DORA Module users
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Visualisation of the supply chain as a supply chain tree

DORA Module: Impressions