Identify digital risks
in supply chains

Your solution for Third Party Cyber Risk Management according to EU-NIS & GDPR - applicable worldwide.
Assessment of IT Security, GDPR-Compliance & Business Continuity Management made easy - with the CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 .

How does the CyberRisk Rating help you?

GDPR and EU-NIS Directive require all organisations, especially operators of essential services, to establish cyber risk management for suppliers and third parties.

The CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 represents a standardised process to meet these requirements. Cyber risks in global supply chains become transparent and can thus be reduced in a targeted manner.

According to the executive Austrian NIS authority (BMI), the CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 fulfils the requirements of the EU-NIS Act for supplier risks.
(§ 11 para. 1 Z 2 iVm Annex 1 NISV)

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The Rating in detail

The CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870 is divided into two areas: On the one hand, a platform for cyber risk management for all suppliers worldwide for critical infrastructure & enterprise and, on the other hand, an efficient assessement process for rated companies. Which one are you interested in?

For critical infrastructure & enterprise

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For rated companies

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The Cyber Risk Scheme of  Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich

Since the beginning of 2020,  Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich has been working together with CISOs, DPOs and managers from critical infrastructure, government and industry to develop a standard for the assessment of cyber risks. This standard is based on the requirements of the EU Directive 2016/1148 ("NIS"), which aims at archiving a higher level of IT security throughout the EU. This KSÖ standard forms the basis of the CyberRisk Rating by KSV1870.

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