KSÖ Scheme

Here you can download and view the Cyber Risk Scheme requirements set out in the CyberRisk Rating as a PDF.
The requirements of the Cyber Risk Scheme are updated and revised annually by the Cyber Risk Advisory Board.
The requirements set out in the CyberRisk Rating can be viewed publicly at any time.
Security made in aT
In cooperation with the Kompetenzzentrum Sicheres Österreich.

Control model

The Cyber Risk Advisory Board operated by KSÖ is responsible for steering the cyber risk scheme. This board is made up of senior security officers from large critical infrastructure companies as defined in the NIS Act. In addition, the Cyber Risk Advisory Board also includes representatives of the relevant NIS authority. This ensures that the requirements of the CyberRisk Rating are not only state of the art, but also meet the requirements of the security departments of large companies and the responsible authority. The Cyber Risk Scheme is continuously reviewed and developed to meet the changing requirements of the cyber security environment.

Download - KSÖ Cyber Risk Scheme

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KSÖ Cyber Risk Scheme 2023

Valid from 01.01.2024

KSÖ Cyber Risk Scheme 2024